Good evening, friends. Thanks for spending a tiny bit of your day with Extra Points.

So this newsletter is supposed to be about the off the field stuff that impacts what we see on the college football field. On one hand, there hasn’t been a more dramatic example of how that pesky real life impacts college football since World War II, and you’d think that’d mean plenty of stuff to write about.

On the other hand, just about everything in the college football ecosystem is grinding to a halt. Hell, just about everything is right now. That includes Chicago Public Schools, so I’m going to be stuck at home with two little girls who cannot be parented by Disney+ alone. I also suspect that the answer to a lot of the big questions right now is going to be I don’t know. And that includes the question am I going to have the time, energy and mental health required to produce good newsletters on a regular basis?

You’ve agreed to share your precious email real estate with me, and I take that agreement really seriously, so I only want to send you newsletters if I think they’re going to be interesting, informative or entertaining.

I’m still going to try and make those! I have a few expert interviews lined up over the next few days that I think will be informative. I have chapters from my What If book I could send out (including a few scenarios that I researched but never included in the final copy). I’ve got all sorts of weird stuff bookmarked in my account.

Is there a chance that I might send out a newsletter entirely about woodworking? I mean, I might be cooped up here for a while. It’s possible.

But I can’t promise they’ll come out twice a week right now. I will do my best, but I’d rather set expectations low and find a way to sail over them, then promise a standard that I can’t meet.

In the big picture, is missing a day or two or three of a relatively small college football esoterica newsletter that big of a deal? Probably not.

But caring about the little things is the entire reason this thing exists. So I ought to at least care about this.

Thanks so much for your readership and your support. Be good to yourselves, your families and your neighbors, especially now. We’re all in this together.

Even you, Notre Dame fans.

See you soon.