Who are you?

Hi! My name is Matt Brown. I used to oversee SB Nation’s college team sites, and regularly contribute to SBNation.com’s college football coverage. Before that, I helped run their Ohio State brand, Land-Grant Holy Land. I wrote a book on great college football What If questions. I live in Chicago. Nice to meet you!

What is this newsletter?

Four times a week, I’ll share some news and analysis about some of the forces that shape college athletics beyond the field, with two of those newsletters being for paid subscribers only.

Newsletters might include a look at media rights negotiations, state and federal legislation, population demographic shifts, higher education trends, and more. I’ll also share college football history stories, and how they have shaped our world today. Sometimes there may be podcasts, book recommendations, and more. I’ll interview college athletic administrators, lawyers, academics, journalists, and others who help shape the college athletic world as we know it today. I’ll even throw in a few jokes!

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How can I reach Matt?

Drop me an email at Matt@ExtraPointsMB.com, shoot me a tweet at @MattBrownEP, or mail me something at:

Matt Brown

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