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I'm excited to go to San Antonio to reconnect with many friends, to do some reporting, learn new things...but also, to actually see the sun.

The holiday weather up here in Chicago was brutal, with temperatures well below zero, strong winds, snowfall, and perpetually gray skies. Thankfully, winter up here sucks every year, so we're mostly prepared for it. We have snowplows, plumbing systems built to withstand freezing temperatures, and of course, a local cuisine optimized to help even the most healthy person develop enough body fat to survive the winter.

What, you think we eat pizza lasagna for fun?  

But the entire country had horrible weather near the end of December, and not every city was prepared for it. Take Little Rock, for example.

A run of unseasonably cold temperatures in Arkansas stressed pipes and plumbing systems throughout the state. At the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, those freezing temperatures caused a fan coil below the court at the Jack Stephens Center to fail. That coil failure caused the basketball court to flood...and before you knew it, the playing surface looked a little something like this.

That's a great question, coach Walker. What do you do when that happens?

I called up UALR's AD to find out.