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Between my trip to Charlotte for the SMA Conference and some big behind-the-scenes changes here at Extra Points, I hadn't really had a chance to really wrap my arms around the coaching change at Auburn until yesterday evening. I talked to a few reporter friends, industry people with ties to SEC markets, and of course, my colleague and podcast cohost, Bryan Fischer.

Technically, the Auburn job has only been open since Monday, but that the gig was going to eventually open was essentially the worst kept secret in college football. Everybody knew Harsin was toast, and just about everybody in the sports blog game had some sort of story pre-written since last summer. It was only a matter of time, and now that there's a new AD on the plains, it would appear the time is now.

I sat down and talked with Bryan for the latest episode of Going For Two to talk about this gig, as well as the first College Football Playoff rankings...and I feel like I've probably been a little guilty of turning Auburn into a bit of a caricature, using Crazy Ol' Auburn has some sort of narrative crutch.

Let me try to explain a little bit here about what makes this gig so unique, so fascinating, and so hard, using a bit more specifics.

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