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One of the funnier side effects of the NIL era has been the proliferation of the barely sourced NIL rumor. Last cycle, the storyline that dominated headlines, that led to multiple SEC football coaches going on the record, was a story on something called BroBible, where the principal source was a message board user named Sliced Bread. If you follow along Twitter or message boards, you'll hear about "Alabama offering a Utah TE a million bucks," or how the NIL package for Jordan Addison seems to grow by 15% each time a new person tweets it.

Unquestionably, NIL packages are playing a significant role in recruiting. But seldom do more reliable reporters get anything resembling dollar figures or contract terms. Nature abhors a vacuum, so that space tends to be filled with content from recruiting message boards, subreddits, and thinly sourced sports talk radio.

Well, why let Bucknuts or Tiger Droppings or Twitter user @RollTide69420 start the next ridiculous NIL rumor?

We believe in service journalism here at Extra Points. So, our crack team of data scientists and investigative journalists got together over the weekend to help build the Extra Points NIL Rumor Generator.

Just push that button, and presto! We'll make up a fake recruitment rumor for you.

Generate your own NIL Recruitment Rumor

Rumor Here

Be sure to take a screenshot and share the best ones with your friends. I think my personal favorite is discovering that Craig T Nelson was trying to recruit athletes for Oregon State with an all expense paid trip to the Wisconsin Dells. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, FOLKS.

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