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On Wednesday morning, the next conference realignment domino officially fell.

No, not Notre Dame. Or Washington. Or Colorado. Or uh, New Haven.

The Campbell Fighting Camels are leaving the Big South to join the CAA. Brett McMurphy had the first report.

The Camels will become a full CAA member on July 1, 2023, giving the league 14 full members, and 15 football members.

This isn't an especially exciting addition on the men's basketball front (Campbell hasn't made the NCAA Tournament since 1992 and has won 20 games in a season just once since 1995), but the Camels offer a strong all-around athletic department (two Big South All Sports trophies in five years), very high-level women's golf and baseball...and a football program with growth potential.

Quick, no double checking. Do you know who actually signed the top-ranked FCS recruiting class last year?

You'd probably think Jackson State, right? According to 247 Sports, JSU signed the best overall player, but only the third highest FCS recruiting class. The bulk of JSU's high level roster additions have come via transfers.

If you haven't figured it out by now using context clues, the top-ranked FCS class, one ranked about FBS programs like South Florida, Toledo, and (lol) Arizona State? Campbell. It's true!

So what does this mean? And what's next?