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Good news! I've purchased my flight, reserved my rental car, and secured a credential. Extra Points is hitting the road this weekend, as I'm flying out to Hartford and driving up to catch UConn/UMass live and in person. If you're going to the game or plan to be in the neighborhood, drop me a line! I'd love to say hello.

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I am honest to goodness not going to this game to make fun of it. I'm not going out of some sense of irony. But there absolutely is a community out there that enjoys objectively bad college football games. On Twitter, these are sometimes referred to as Sickos games, after the Onion meme that you might have seen before.

UConn/UMass may be important and meaningful in many ways, but it's very much a Sickos game. These two teams combine for exactly zero wins. UMass went winless last year, and UConn, despite winning the New York Times National Championship, didn't even play. It would be difficult to imagine a matchup featuring two teams more in the dregs of major college football.

In this week's Going For Two, Bryan and I talk all about Sickos Football. Specifically, we discuss:

  • What makes bad college football more watchable, enjoyable and interesting than say, bad professional football, or even bad college basketball
  • Whether current Sickos football programs, like New Mexico State, Akron, Louisiana Monroe…even…KANSAS…have a legitimate pathway to become more “normie” programs, merely conventionally bad, not meme-worthy bad.
  • What I hope to write about and learn from this particular bad football game
  • More talk about UTEP football than you'd normally get on a college sports podcast.

Going For Two is the free podcast for Extra Points, and publishes every Wednesday. You can download it via Apple, Spotify, or any other service you use to download your podcasts.

I'd love to hear about your favorite Sickos college football memories. What's the worst game you've ever seen in person? What about watched on TV?

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