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I feel like I've written about Name, Image and Likeness about every other week since Extra Points first launched...two years ago.

Despite virtually every state in the county at least proposing their own NIL legislation, little meaningful progress has been made towards a national solution. The federal government is unlikely to pass any NIL/college sports reform package before July 1, when the first state-level bills go into effect, and might not get to it this entire year. The NCAA has yet to vote on their own national NIL policies, policies which might not line up with every state law.

If that wasn't confusing enough, various states have managed to inject additional confusion with their own bills. Florida, arguably the leader in pushing for NIL solutions this summer, nearly kneecapped their own bill thanks to a last second addition into a completely unrelated bill. Georgia, for reasons still unknown, added a clause that would have obliterated any recruiting advantage in-state schools would have advantage that appears to be the entire reason for passing legislation to begin with.

Our latest episode of Going For Two breaks down everything that's happened over the last week, including

  • Why you, a general fan, really ought to care about this stuff
  • Why on earth Georgia's bill allowed for redistribution of athlete NIL monies
  • Did Mark Emmert's latest comments actual signal change could be coming?
  • What does the world look like on July 2nd?
  • Is it possible that actually the entire college athletics world is overreacting about NIL at least a teensy little bit?

Maybe we talked about potentially trying to sponsor some athletes to spread the word about Extra Points too. I'm not saying I'm ready to finally transition into becoming a Patriot League Bagman, but I am saying that once all the paperwork dries on these rules, the American University Basketball team should keep those DMs open.

You can subscribe to Going For Two on Apple, Spotify, or anywhere else you get your podcasts. We have some exciting guests coming soon!

Hey, if you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at our FOIA Directory. Updated multiple times a week, this landing page now has well over a hundred FRS reports (itemized athletic budget breakdowns), university apparel contracts, coaching contracts (for football men's basketball and women's basketball head coaches), local TV deals, multimedia rights contracts, and more.

I've just about uploaded every document I currently have to that directory, but I'm happy to add more. If you have any contracts or PDFs that you'd like to contribute, OR have any requests, drop me a line at

Over the next few weeks, the hope is add even more coaching and game contracts, COVID amendments, and other potentially newsworthy documents.

Feel free to pass this along to the bloggers, journalists, graduate students and athletic industry professionals in your life!

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