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I've really been trying to wrap my head around the massive logistical challenges that will come from USC and UCLA's move to the Big Ten. I've already written about recent scholarship that suggests athletes have conflicted thoughts about long-distance travel, and many worry about how it impacts their academic and athletic performance. No matter how many flights USC charters, or how creative Big Ten schedules are set up, nobody has yet promoted a way to move Chicago and Columbus closer to LA. Athletes are going to be on a lot of airplanes.

Just about every athletic department needs to get on a plane sometime, but not many schools will be doing it as often as USC and UCLA in the near future. I wanted to better understand how schools deal with that much they account for it, manage it, build it into their departments.

So I called up a school that I figure knows more about flying all the time than anybody.

I called up Hawaii.

What would they recommend?