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Enough of the commercials. Let's talk a bit about the latest conference realignment developments.

Could Conference USA actually be done for a little while?

Last week, Conference USA made it official, announcing the new additions of New Mexico State, Jacksonville State, Sam Houston, and Liberty. Three of those four schools are in the preseason top 150 on KenPom, and with Louisiana Tech (88) and UTEP (154), you can squint and see the foundation of a pretty decent mid-major men's basketball league. Let's just, uh, ignore FIU for a second.

As of Sunday evening, Conference USA now has nine full members. The four new additions, UTEP, Louisiana Tech, FIU...and Middle Tennessee State and Western Kentucky. With nine teams, the league is comfortably over the eight-team minimum, and could hypothetically allow for every team to play each other, while still scheduling four (potentially lucrative) out-of-conference games in football.

But that, of course, assumes WKU and MTSU remain in the league. Both are being heavily courted by the MAC. So what's going to happen?