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The latest round of conference realignment has seen Oklahoma and Texas agree to future membership in the SEC, Conference USA get raided, the American get completely reinvented, and more.

But this round isn't completely over yet. And now, arguably the most sought-after candidate is a school without a football program and with a men's basketball program that has only made the NCAA tournament once.

*The voice of Bill Hader's character Stefon from SNL*

"This year's hottest conference realignment candidate is ... UT Arlington. It has everything..."

Extra Points had previously reported that the Missouri Valley has expressed interest in potentially adding UTA, an interest that is shared by the institution. Thanks to open records requests and various conversations with industry sources, we have also learned that the Southland Conference and WAC reached out to UT Arlington to have conversations about potential membership. The Southland also reached out to UT Rio Grande Valley, but the university declined its overtures.