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In this episode, Bryan and I start by unpacking even more insights from my trip to New England to cover the UConn/UMass game. It's popular to float these schools as potential candidates to drop to FCS, even though no less than the Governor of Connecticut has come out and said that the school is 'All In' when it comes to their commitment to Big Time football.

We discuss:

  • What it means when we say a D-I college has a high school stadium, and why that isn't a pejorative statement
  • How the definition of success changes for different programs, and why it isn't automatically a bad thing if your on-the-field ceiling is probably the Bad Boy Mowers Bowl
  • How to bribe college students to go to your football game.

We also discuss the big realignment story of the week. According to multiple media reports, Conference USA shared a letter with the AAC, proposing that the two leagues re-brand and swap teams, in order to create two entirely new, geographically-aligned conferences.

I honestly think this is a pretty good idea, and the argument is pretty sound. But it's highly unlikely to happen. The podcast explains:

  • What we are hearing is the most likely scenario for the AAC/G5 realignment at the moment
  • Why Sun Belt and AAC schools, by and large, are so reluctant to embrace a regional reorganization, even if actually makes long-term sense.
  • What NCAA administrative changes could throw a wrench in all of this realignment talk.
  • A rude metaphor that I probably shouldn't have used.
  • And more!

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