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Tracking down the truth in conference realignment season is hard. As I've written before, there generally aren't very many people actually in the loop for these decisions, and these folks don't always want to talk to us nosy reporters. In the absence of well-sourced reporting, rumor and speculation flourish.

Like the idea that Clemson, Florida State, UNC and Virginia are negotiating to leave the SEC right now. Or that actually, Florida State may be heading to the Big Ten.  Or that Oklahoma State is in talks to join the SEC. Or that the Big 12 is about to raid the Pac-12, unless the Pac-12 raids them first. You get the idea. By the time this newsletter hits your inbox, there will probably be a new hot rumor flying through the message boards.

Most of this stuff is completely divorced from any meaningfully informed source. Somebody knows somebody who knows somebody whose uncle works at Nintendo and he says that Clemson is going to the SEC, and boom, you have your next 1,000 RT tweet and the lead segment for mid-market sports talk radio.

Well, why let the message boards have all the fun driving the conversation? WE WANT TO CHASE CLOUT TOO.

At Extra Points, I believe in Service Journalism. This is why we created our very own CREATE YOUR OWN STUPID REALIGNMENT RUMOR GENERATOR:  

Generate your own Stupid Conference Realignment Rumor

Rumor Here

All you have to do is push that button, and presto! You have the next hot rumor. Go ahead and screencap that bad boy and tweet it. Or better yet, subscribe to the newsletter so I can take a quick break from actually calling people and filing FOIA requests to build something stupid.  

Did we make this to make fun of some of the more shameless and silly realignment rumors? Sure. By creating this tool, did we accidentally speak something into existence and now the Big Sky will end up expanding into Mexico? Probably!

After all, the Big Ten has 16 teams, spanning from New Jersey to LA. Nothing matters anymore.

Click the button enough times, and I bet that eventually, you're going to be right.

Just be sure to credit us when it happens.

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