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Georgia defeated Alabama last night in Indianapolis, winning its first football national title since the Paleolithic era. But Indy's place in the college sports spotlight isn't over yet.

The NCAA Convention is next week, as administrators from every classification of college sports will get together to vote on a variety of proposals and changes, including an entirely new NCAA constitution.

Industry sources tell me they expect the proposed constitution to pass without too much consternation, but that the real conversations will happen after, as Divisions I, II and III will revisit their own bylaws and create their own, division-specific constitutions.

A lot has been written about what DI leaders, especially those in the P5, think about constitutional governance changes, and where the battlegrounds will be for the DI constitution. I certainly plan to continue to write about that as well.

But what about DII?

I reached out to three different D-II conference commissioners earlier this week to better understand what leaders think of the current state of DII, and what sorts of issues need to be resolved in constitutional reform. If others in DII would like to chat, my email is

Here's what they told me.

"DII is not broken"