Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points. I'm flying back to Chicago a little later this afternoon, but for now...


As he opened the awards ceremony for the NIL Summit on Monday night, INFLCR CEO Jim Cavale gave an impassioned plea, one I've heard him make several times before, both in public and private. He advised the athletes sitting in the audience to use this opportunity to think expansively about their NIL opportunities, to network with each other and with companies, to talk to reporters about their experiences, and to think about NIL opportunities as more than just an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Then he turned the time over to Darren Rovell, a grown man wearing a money costume.

Sure, it's a funny observation, but I kept coming back to it while talking to athletes and others in the greater NIL extended universe over the course of the Summit.

It's hard the story of what NIL means, and what opportunities it can present when NIL still means a lot of different things to different people. And it's become clear to me, after talking to so many athletes, that they still have some pretty big questions about NIL.