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A few weeks ago, I published an update to everything I know about the highly anticipated EA Sports College Football project, currently slated to come out in July of 2023.

One of the most interesting new updates I've learned from phone calls and FOIAs is that EA has asked participating schools to share audio assets. Here's a spreadsheet that breaks down exactly what EA has asked for:

I was pretty curious about what sorts of assets schools were submitting. So I'm asking everybody I can.

I've filed an Open Records Request for this data, among other requests, for every single FBS institution that does not have a state residency requirement for filing requests. Additionally, I've also sent emails and left voice mails to a variety of institutions, from the largest power programs in the SEC and Big Ten, to much smaller mid-majors. I tried to call a mix of public and private schools and will continue to make those phone calls this month.

Beyond FOIAs, I've reached out to about two dozen institutions not mentioned below. I will update this newsletter as I get more data and responses. If you would like to share what your school has been doing to prepare for this project, my email is, and I'd love to talk to you. I can assure you, there is no detail too small.

But for now, here's what schools are telling me, and what they've told other reporters. We currently have data for 35 programs.

James Madison:

Friends of the newsletter at the Daily-News Record submitted their own request. Among other various chants and cheers, the story reports:

JMU sent five songs to EA Sports; the fight song, “Get It On,” “Start Wearing Purple,” “All We Do Is Win,” and the JMU Alma Mater, according to Kevin Warner, JMU associate athletic director for communications

Jacksonville State:

The Jacksonville State student newspaper got ahold of the setlist here.

Among others, the story mentions:

Touchdown: Full JSU fight song
Field goal: Short JSU fight song
2-point conversion: First down cheer
Take away or fumble recovery: Eat ‘Em Up
Big defensive stop: Gamecock Spellout
In between quarters: Talkin’ Out The Side Of Your Neck

Virginia Tech:

VT's 247 Site, inspired by this reporting, filed their own request. Here's what the school sent back.


FAU's 247 affiliate filed a FOIA and got the specific audio (and visual) assets that the Owls submitted. You can read it here.

Iowa State:

Here are the forms that Iowa State sent back after our Open Records Request.

Ball State:

The University did not have a completed copy of the spreadsheet that most schools produced. However, the school sent us a handful of direct audio files, including a BALL STATE BALL OUT clip. a clip of fans chanting what could best be described as CHIRP, CHIRP, CHIRP, AAAAAAHHHHH, the school's fight song. and a marching band clip of the Ball State Victory March.
Want to hear them? I've uploaded a few here.

Chirp chirp 1
Ball State Ball Out
Victory March Fight Song 2


Inspired by this reporting, 217Showers was able to get the full report back from Illinois.


You might be forgiven if you thought Oklahoma only submitted 'Boomer Sooner' a thousand times, but according to the spreadsheet I obtained via Open Records, they actually submitted multiple audio assets:


Here's what UCLA sent me via an Open Records Request. No, I don't know why a few of the letters are missing either.

Data for the follow schools can be found below the paywall:

Arizona State


Boise State



Eastern Michigan

Kansas State

Kent State



Michigan State



New Mexico State

North Texas

Ohio State



Sam Houston


Texas State

Texas Tech




Utah State


Sam Houston: