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Okay! Let's talk about the latest podcast, one I'm particularly excited about.

Let's talk about esports

More and more of the athletic and university leaders I talk to are interested in esports programs. It isn't because your sitting AD is a secret gamer...I can't say I've talked to any major leader who admits to playing any video games right now. It's because they've come to realize that esports can further many of the same university goals that an athletic department can.

Need to recruit more male students? Need to find new ways to retain and engage students on campus? Sure, you can start a football team. But it's way cheaper to start an esports program. Heck, not only is it cheaper, but in a year or two, your esports program could kick Alabama's ass, even if you're some tiny liberal arts college with a 2,000 student enrollment. That's not happening in uh, any other sport.

But with that rush of administrator interest, comes complications. Do university leaders know how to actually build an esports program? Can club sports officials help run these teams, despite the esports model being REALLY different from traditional college sports? Is this a real gold rush, or is it fool's gold?

To better understand, Bryan and I talked to Alan Ignacio at San Jose State. Alan helped found the esports program at SJSU, and cheerfully talked to us about all of those issues, along with:

  • How to improve equity and diversity in esports
  • How schools should define success with their esports program
  • Whether match fixing or gambling could become a problem in collegiate esports
  • Whether more money coming into the system is actually a good thing...and who really owns college esports anyway?

I learned a lot, and I'm excited to keep following along with this story. I doubt this will be the last time we podcast or write about collegiate esports.

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