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1). I’m excited to announce our next Community Interview guest. John Ashaolu, the athletic director at Point Park University, has graciously offered to answer any of your questions. Point Park is an NAIA school in Pittsburgh that competes in the River States Conference.

John has worked as a director of basketball operations at ECU, and in athletics administration at the high school and community college level. He’s a graduate of one of the most unique colleges in the US, Xavier University in New Orleans, the only Catholic HBCU in the country. He’s happy to answer questions about Point Park, working in NAIA, basketball operations, athletic administration, and anything else on your mind.

Please submit questions via email, comments, Twitter DMs or Discord. If you’re interested in participating in a future Extra Points Community Interview, please fill out this quick form.

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Yesterday, paid EP subscribers got a story detailing the data and research behind the Flutie Effect, or the bonuses in applications and admissions that schools (sometimes) enjoy after unexpected athletic success. Tomorrow, they’ll get one about a potentially innovative TV development a few big college programs are trying. There are some original interviews coming down the pipe soon as well.


The latest episode of Going For Two should now be available for download. If you haven’t subscribed yet, well, good news, you can do that right here, completely for free.

Our guest this week is Dr. Anita Moorman, professor of Sports Law at the University of Louisville. Bryan and I wanted to talk to Dr.Moormon to help demystify the upcoming Alston case.

In this podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • What the exact specific legal question at stake here, and why a decision about potentially limiting educational aid may impact NIL discussions or even the very concept of amateurism as we know it. Maybe.
  • Why the Supreme Court even decided to hear this case in the first place.
  • What makes the various arguments around the NCAA and amateurism different this time around.
  • What we should make out of the fact that the Biden Justice Department is getting involved.
  • Why she thinks the NCAA won’t get a favorable ruling in Alston, and what that means for a federal NIL bill, state-level legislation, and more.

I’m not a lawyer. You’re probably not a lawyer. Some of the legal questions at stake here with Alston, and even with Regents, can feel intimidating or less accessible. I get it! I’m an enormous nerd who loves the minutiae of college athletics, and even I sometimes struggle with the finer points of federal antitrust law.

But I promise that this conversation helps break things down in a way that’s easy to understand. Bryan and I learned a lot, and I think you will too.

I’m interested in the sorts of things you’d like covered in future Going For Two episodes. If there’s something you’re really curious about, by all means, drop me a line.


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