Hi friends, thanks for taking a second of your weekend to open an email from Extra Points.

Extra Points just hit a pretty big milestone. This newsletter now has over 5,000 free subscribers. That's a big number!

That means the readership of this newsletter is roughly the size of the village in Ohio where I grew up. It's bigger than the enrollment at places like Bradley or Butler or Davidson or Tulsa. It's enough to fill up a small FCS football stadium.

It's also an important size for several potential marketing partners of this newsletter. Is there a big difference between having 4,890 free subscribers and 5,000 free subscribers? Apparently! Digital media is a great industry that makes a lot of sense.

Anyway, this is a big milestone, and I want to celebrate it with you. So I am giving away three big prize packs on Monday. I'll select one prize pack from the Free subscriber list, and two prize packs from the Paid subscriber list. So...hypothetically, if you wanted to maximize your chances of winning, well, I'd upgrade to a paid subscriber tier, which you can do right here.

Each prize pack will contain the following:

One t-shirt from our friends at Homefield Apparel, your choice. You COULD select our handsome Extra Points shirt from that collection, but if you wanted to say, grab a vintage Marshall Thundering Herd t-shirt, I wouldn't judge you. That's also an excellent decision.

One book on college sports history. I have a small library here in my office, and I want to give you a copy of one of my favorite books, one of the handful I keep coming back to again and again. If you're into really early college football history, maybe I'll send you a copy of The Opening Kickoff. If you're more of a college basketball buff, maybe you'd enjoy a copy of March 1939: Before the Madness.

One vintage college pennant. Y'all have seen my office. It's covered in these things, and I'm always on the lookout for more. I can't promise I can send you a pennant of your favorite team, but I'll send you one that I know you'll like (and I'll make sure it isn't your archrival).

The ability to pick the topic of a future Extra Points newsletter. Do you have a pet topic you want explored or researched? A college sports related story that you think deserves the Extra Points treatment? Lay it on me, and I'll devote an entire newsletter to the thing YOU want.

The estimated retail value of each prize box is ~$100 bucks.

How will I pick them?

On Monday, I'll export all of your emails to a spreadsheet, fire up a random number generator, and send an email to the lucky three winners.

Thanks SO much for reading, for sharing, for tweeting and for subscribing, and keep an eye on your inbox on Monday! There's going to be a regular newsletter, and hey, you might just win some cool stuff.

I'll see you on Monday morning.