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Most of you know that I'm based in Chicago. But recently, Extra Points was purchased by D1.ticker, and the ticker is based in Louisville. That technically makes Extra Points a Kentucky company as well, and if we're a Kentucky company, then we need to look after our Kentucky neighbors.

Our neighbors are hurting right now, after a weekend of terrible tornados. I previously kicked in some money here, and if you are in a position to do so, I'd encourage you to find a way to help your neighbors in need. I'll also personally match any new revenue for Extra Points, through Thursday, with another donation. That means if you buy an eight-dollar monthly subscription to Extra Points this week, I'm donating another eight bucks to UKCOM.

Speaking of D1.ticker, I did promise all of you that I would share more details about what this merger specifically means for Extra Points as soon as I could. Many of you also reached out, unfamiliar with exactly who D1.ticker is. So I figured today would be a good day to share some answers.

In addition to regularly writing Extra Points and occasionally contributing content for AthleticDirectorU, I will also regularly produce videos for a new platform, Collegiate Sports Connect. Connect is a digital platform built specifically for intercollegiate athletics from Collegiate Sports Associates, D1.ticker & WMT. Think of it as something like a LinkedIn, but for college sports.

For today's Going For Two, Bryan and I brought in our new boss, Matt Roberts, to explain exactly what  D1.ticker is, what Collegiate Sports Connect is, and why it's relevant to all Extra Points readers, whether you work in college athletics or not.

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I can tell you that starting in January 2022, we'll also add a video component to Going For Two. You can still completely enjoy the podcast if you prefer to listen to it via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, but soon, you'll also be able to watch episodes here, on the newsletter.

I'm also working to find the best ways to integrate some of the video work we're doing across multiple platforms here with Extra Points. Let's take this recent video, for example. A few days ago, I talked about the distribution, revenue modeling and long-term trajectory of the ACC Network with Joe Ovies of WRAL. You can watch the entire clip below, if for no other reason than to witness the proof that I do, in fact, own clothing other than Homefield t-shirts.

Some of the questions we get into on the video (which is helpfully broken down so it's easy to skip around) include:

  • Why Comcast did a deal with the ACCN now, and what that means for future revenue projections.
  • How easy is it to find ACCN programming across the country?
  • Can the ACC can meaningfully improve ACCN revenue or profitability without adding Notre Dame?
  • What can the network do to make itself unique? What is the network's identity? Should we just let Twitter do an ACC show?

Joe was a very thoughtful guest who really understands the nuts and bolts behind the media business, and shows why a regular ol' fan should, or shouldn't, care about the network's performance.

If you're interested in a primer on the Final Four for the NCAA Women's Volleyball Tournament, I also spoke to Lee Feinswog of We discuss NIL and the sport, which big-time coaching jobs could open up, how the regular season and tournament shaped up, and more.

Between that podcast, those videos, and the new, exciting Collegiate Sports Connect platform, I think there's something for everybody today.

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