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The most famous college athletes may work with agencies to set up NIL deals, but for the majority of athletes, if they find a deal, they're likely finding it on a marketplace. Websites like Opendorse, OpenSponsorship, MOGL, NOCAP Sports and more seek to help match athletes looking for NIL opportunities with brands looking for marketing help. I've used several of these websites to find and secure NIL deals myself.

But they aren't perfect, even for an overly-online professional writer, which means they can be much more complicated for everybody else. Both athletes and brands may not be sure how to price their services, or what they should be looking for in order to secure the most successful partnership. Sometimes athletes or brands don't respond to communication as quickly as you'd like. If you're a college athlete with a limited amount of free time, setting aside a few hours to pitch brands and take meetings, all for the chance to earn $200 and some free stuff, might not be worth it.

One marketplace is experimenting with a new way to secure these deals that might make the process easier on both parties.