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Last month, I filed Open Records requests to over 100 D1 institutions for communication with representatives at either EA Sports or CLC concerning the video game.  I wanted to better understand how both parties were selling video game participation to member institutions, and what sorts of questions those schools might have had about participating.

Today, one of those schools sent me a redacted copy of the proposal the CLC sent to FBS institutions.

The document was titled “EA SPORTS COLLEGE VIDEO GAME PROPOSAL FOR INSTITUTIONS”, dated January 15, 2021.

My copy of this document redacted any of the proposed financial terms of the arrangement. If any of my readers would like to share those figures, well, I’m on Signal and my email is

Here’s some of the stuff from the proposal that I thought you might be interested in.

Here’s when this game is projected to actually come out, according to the CLC

Regular Extra Points readers knew not to expect this college football video game to come out tomorrow. Heck, even the official EA Sports Twitter account was trying to set that expectation.

This proposal document reinforces that expectation. In the very first paragraph, the proposal states: