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Even off a shortened, holiday week, we made a ton of stuff over the last few days, and I'd love to share it with you.

First, in our latest Going For Two, presented by Homefield Apparel, Bryan and I answer some listener questions. We ended up with substantially more (good!) questions than we had time for, so perhaps we'll have to do this again with a future newsletter or podcast very soon. Some of the questions we address on this show include:

  • What we think about NC A&T's decision to join the CAA
  • What we think about Grambling's decision to hire Art Briles (I'm going to go ahead and spoil this...I think it completely sucks)
  • Where we think the next run of D-II schools attempting to reclassify will come from
  • What Matt knows about the EA Sports College Football Video Game
  • How long it takes for a school to change cultures into one where students really care about sports
  • How you can save 15% off your first order at Homefield Apparel by using promocode EXTRAPOINTS
  • and much, much more:

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I also had a chance to make some videos for Collegiate Sports Connect. As part of my trip out to Phoenix, I had the chance to chat with Grand Canyon University President Brian Mueller. We discussed the school's transition from non-profit, to for-profit, and now back to non-profit, how they define a Christ-Centered athletic department, whether they'd ever be interested in starting football, the state of the WAC, and more:

Earlier this week, I also caught up with Scott Watkins, who covers Southern Miss for the Sun-Herald, to discuss why the Sun Belt/CUSA fight has gotten so ugly and so dang public, and what the likely next steps are in ongoing litigation:

Full Extra Points subscribers also got two other fun newsletters this week

On Tuesday, Andy dug into the increasingly bloated staff directories of major college football programs to figure out how many analysts and made-up job titles schools are using now. We then worked together to build a quiz, to see if YOU can tell which FBS job titles are real, and which ones we made up. It's a really hard quiz!

Full subscribers also got to read my first dispatch from Phoenix about Grand Canyon...specifically, a closer look at how this school is able to pack their stadiums full of students, even as larger programs throughout the country increasingly struggle with student attendance and engagement.

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Quick ad from a Friend of the Program...frequent Extra Points contributor Katie Lever JUST WROTE A DANG BOOK AND NOW YOU CAN BUY THAT BOOK:

The NCAA is a dystopia, says former D1 athlete, M.K. Lever. Her debut novel, Surviving the Second Tier, tells the story of real-world collegiate athletics and the problems college athletes face in a new and unique way. The Detroit Free Press calls it “Stunningly clever.”  Surviving the Second Tier is available on AMAZON.

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