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Earlier this week, the NCAA released a draft of a new proposed constitution. If you're worried about clicking that link because you're afraid of some 150 page PDF, don't be. The proposed constitution is just 19 pages, and isn't nearly as impossible to get through as other bylaw documents.

If you're expecting the proposed constitution to endorse ending amateurism forever and ever, well, you'll be disappointed. If you're looking for a blueprint for the P5 to leave the NCAA, you won't find it in this link. Unless your particular hobbyhorse is for significant deregulation, well, I don't think this link is the answer to your problems.

But that doesn't mean it isn't important!

In this week's Going For Two, Bryan and I dig into what this document means, and why you should care, even if you aren't a compliance professional.

Topics discussed on this podcast include:

  • Why everybody should care about these suggested changes.
  • Why the NCAA is looking to punt a bunch of decisions to each division, and why the biggest bylaw fights are yet to come.
  • What this document means for conference realignment and divisional reclassification.
  • Why everybody hates the infractions process, and what a reimagined infractions process might look like.
  • What these changes mean for NIL, the nature of 'amateurism', athlete health outcomes, and more.

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