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Texas and Oklahoma are off to the SEC, and it appears that Texas is catching the majority of the bad press. Nowhere was that more apparent than in the Texas Senate yesterday, where lawmakers hauled in UT president Jay Hartzell, allegedly to ask him about conference realignment and the state of college football in Texas...but mostly to dunk on him for the Longhorns being unable to beat TCU.

It's fun to dunk on Texas. If the move to the Big 12 was about promoting the actual best college football programs over the last decade, the Longhorns would be staying put and Oklahoma State would head to the SEC. The idea of college sports being a meritocracy is already a farce, but promoting the rich failson of college football to the biggest league, while potentially nuking an entire conference in its wake, is especially easy to mock. The crowing from certain only-online corners of the Texas Booster Media doesn't help the Longhorn likability score either.

There's a reason why IS TEXAS BACK?!? is an especially popular internet meme, especially while the Longhorns are, say, losing to Maryland. Twice. Which is a thing that happened.

But the thing about letting Texas take all the bullets is that it shields Oklahoma a bit from extra scrutiny.

Which is funny, because when you look at the long history of college of these two schools has a documented history of thumbing their nose at authority in the name of maximizing their own revenue. And it isn't really Texas!