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Back in March, I published a proposal, dated January 15, from the CLC, titled "EA SPORTS COLLEGE VIDEO GAME PROPOSAL FOR INSTITUTIONS". This proposal, which was sent to all D-I FBS institutions, contained many details about the EA's highly anticipated foray back into college football video games. The proposal explained how much individual schools would be paid for participating in the video game project, whether roster customization would be allowed, how EA/CLC planned to navigate tricky player likeness rights questions, and many other important details.

The proposal also stated that the plan was for the game to publish in the summer of 2023.

My report led to many college football fans wondering...why not just release the game next year? EA Sports already publishes a professional football game. They used to publish a college football game. Why not just re-release Madden, throw some Alabama uniforms on there, and call it a day? People would still buy it!

After multiple conversations with individuals familiar with the game development process at EA, I've come away believing that such a rush job simply isn't technically possible. Another batch of documents, obtained by Extra Points via Open Records requests, helps explain one major reason EA simply can't snap their fingers and launch a college football video game tomorrow.

It turns out, rendering college football stadiums is very complicated.