Bulk Discounts

I'm more than happy to set up a special bulk discount code for your athletic department, classroom, university or organization. Over a dozen universities currently have codes set up, as many schools use Extra Points as a textbook supplement for Sports Management and Sports Media classes.

If I have at least five subscriptions from a particular institution, I'm happy to create a 50% discount code. If you'd like me to set up a code for your organization, please drop me an email at Sales@ExtraPointsMB.com.

Here are the following Discount Codes that I can offer right now. For university discount codes, please sign up using your university email address. Otherwise, your discount may not go through. Any student, staffer, coach, alumni or instructor affiliated with a listed institution may use this discount codes:

Alabama: Rolltide

Arizona State: Consider

BYU: 1984

DePaul: DePaul

Georgia Southern: GATA

Indiana: GoHoosier

Kansas: RockChalk

Kutztown: Kutztown

McKendree: McKendree

Michigan: GoBlue


Ohio State: SpotWasGood

North Carolina: TarHeel

Northwestern: Medill

Roosevelt: Roosevelt

Samford: Samford

South Carolina: SpursUp

Texas: Texasisback

Ad sales

I am happy to sell ad space on free Extra Points newsletters, as well as the Going For Two podcast.

One week of ad space is $150, and includes a three-five sentence blurb in two newsletters, plus an ad read on that week's podcast.

Discount pricing is available for those who purchase multiple weeks of ads.

For more information, please email Sales@ExtraPointsMB.com