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Bad news friends, thanks to my bout with the Rona, I will not be at NACDA this year. Please say hi to all of my colleagues.

Sometimes, conference realignment changes happen relatively smoothly. The departing school gives their peers plenty of notice, exit fees are paid, branding is updated, schedules tweaked, and even if profanities are exchanged behind closed doors, everybody plays nice for the cameras and moves on.

But every once in a while, these transitions get complicated, even acrimonious. And that's when lawyers get involved.

Conference USA and the Sun Belt already had a legal battle, and Conference USA has launched another one to make sure the public doesn't learn the full details of the first conflict. We don't know exactly when Texas and Oklahoma will leave the Big 12 because of the massive amount of money tied into exit fees negotiations

But those aren't the only places where lawsuits are being thrown around. There's also the OVC and EKU.