Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

I'm still in Charlotte for the Sports Marketing Association conference. I spent yesterday visiting Queens University for the first time, along with talking to several academics about their research into things like sponsorship effectiveness, what actually drives ticket sales, NIL, and more. I will be speaking on a panel about NIL on Thursday, as well as talking to more researchers, and hope to share some of their research in the near future.

But a bunch of graduate students talking about P values and machine learning weren't the only folks sharing NIL news yesterday. The NCAA decided to make a little themselves.

On Wednesday afternoon, the NCAA released updated "clarifications" on NIL rules, with this update mostly centering on what schools are, and aren't permitted to do with NIL.

Was this is a significant change from previous policy? How big a deal is this update? Well...that's complicated, I think.