Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

Apologies for our Going For Two fans, but there will be no new episode dropping tonight. Our original plan was for us to record a show at NACDA, which of course got scuttled after I got COVID and had to stay home. Then conflicting schedules with various interviews and travels made it impossible for us to record remotely. We'll do a full debrief of the conference for our episode at the end of the week, once Bryan and the rest of my colleagues return home.

It's certainly been a frustrating few days here at Extra Points HQ...not only are all of my coworkers off in Vegas, but so is nearly everybody I'm trying to talk to for various upcoming stories! I hope to be able to share a few updates on developing stories soon, once more folks get back to their desks.

But the world didn't stop just because most of the college athletics administrative community is in Las Vegas for a few days. You've probably seen the news by now...the Big 12 has found their next commissioner. SI had this first, but the Big 12 is reportedly set to hire Brett Yormark, the COO of Roc Nation.

Here are three early thoughts on this big move: