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It's been a good few days for Troy basketball.

On the 5th, Troy women clobbered South Alabama, 84-52, as they kept pace with UT-Arlington to remain in first place in the Sun Belt. Not only did they grab an important win, but they broke a record for attendance:

The week before, Troy's men's program also beat South Alabama. That game was also one of the best attended in Troy history, drawing over 4,000 fans.

4,500 fans is nothing to sneeze at for a Sun Belt program. Sure, Troy's men and women's basketball programs are near the top of the conference. Both games were on a Saturday, making it easier for families to attend. Troy is a pretty little town, and enjoys a lot of community support, so the success of their programs won't get drowned out like it could in other markets. Unquestionably, all of that played a role in Troy's ability to get bodies in the building.

But the school also had a secret weapon. An effective weapon. A delicious weapon.

A donut cheeseburger.