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So much for a slow summer, right?

I've been writing about conference realignment for almost my entire sportswriting career. A huge chunk of my book covered failed realignment plans, like the Airplane Conference or the Metro SuperConference. I've broken realignment news on this newsletter, analyzed it, and I feel like I have a good grasp on how this process generally works.

Paid Extra Points subscribers got to hear about Kentucky State's efforts to potentially join the MEAC at the D-I level, and also got a deeper breakdown on what an OU/Texas split would mean for other Big 12 schools, how fans should evaluate realignment rumors, and more.

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Getting every Extra Points newsletter requires a paid subscription, but our podcast, Going For Two, remains free. Because this was such a newsworthy week, Bryan and I recorded not one, but two podcasts for you.

Earlier this week, we recorded a show discussing the various models a "decentralized" NCAA could take. Is the future of the NCAA something closer to the NAIA? The College Football Playoff? A series of sports-specific confederations? We also talked about Deion Sanders, the SWAC, and what we actually like, and dislike, about the entire concept of Conference Media Days.

Today, we recorded a second podcast, all on the OU/Texas to the SEC rumors.

We spend significant time explaining how the political situation, both in the Big 12 and at the statehouse level, is very different from the last batch of Big 12 realignment rumors. We talk about what sort of timeline we're on before formal announcements drop, what potential roadblocks could slow down or stop the move, and what other conferences might do in response.

Around the 36:00 mark, I also get a little heated when I talk about whether I think this would be a positive development in college sports, generally. I'm just gonna go ahead and spoil this for y'all. I think this sucks. I don't believe in rooting for money, just for the sake of rooting for money.

You can subscribe to Going For Two wherever you get your podcasts. We'll have plenty of new shows dropping in the next few weeks, with guests, breaking down the "state" of various conferences in college athletics, not just from a football perspective, but a holistic one. If you enjoy the show, please give it a nice rating, and maybe share it with your friends. It helps!

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