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It's been a weird last few days on the ol' internet. Last Friday, Awful Announcing reached out to a few other reporters to ask something I've certainly been thinking a lot lately...what happens to sports media if Twitter dies?

To be fair, it may very well be premature to ask if Twitter is going to die. Sure, the company just laid off half their staffers and advertisers are concerned about long-term brand safety, but inertia is a powerful force, and social media platforms with huge audiences are tough to kill. Not impossible, but tough.

I don't think the entire operation is going to completely fall apart tomorrow or anything, but I do think it's fair to wonder if Twitter, as we know it, is going to significantly change. Could Sports Twitter have already hit a high water mark, as participation and market penetration only decrease from year to year? Will Twitter's userbase face massive demographic shifts like Facebook? Will our nation's supply of bored-at-work lawyers and cubicle dwellers find another place to wisecrack during sporting events?


A shift in how Twitter operates will probably change how sports journalists interact with the platform, along with many other super users like political reporters, brands, musicians, and more. But this also got me thinking...what would a potentially diminished Twitter mean for college athletic departments? For athletes?

Or uh, for me?

So I asked around a bit.