So who should take over the NCAA now?

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

Well, you probably saw the bombshell last night. NCAA President Mark Emmert is stepping down, effective in June of 2023 (although everybody I've talked to expects the NCAA to make a hire well before then).

I try very hard to be fair on Extra Points. Everybody loves a good Twitter pile-on, myself included, but I also try my very best to look for nuance, to see the best in person, and explain why things might not always be what they seem at first glance.

But friends, there's no nice way of putting this. Mark Emmert was not a good NCAA president. His administration undervalued key broadcast properties in their media deals. He failed to effectively communicate with athletic leaders, torched credibility with the media and the American public, and got stuffed into a garbage can by the US Supreme Court.

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