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Another look at a MWC promotion/relegation plan

I went out West and got more of the details

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

Back in September, I wrote about how the origins of a potential promotion/relegation system in college sports came from the WCC, as ads and conference leaders spitballed potential pro/rel systems around baseball and softball. Those ideas have gained additional currency in Mountain West circles, as the league considers not just potential partnerships with Washington State and Oregon State, but additional expansion options.

Front Office Sports reported on one of those proposals, created by Boise State Associate AD Mike Walsh.

I spent a few hours with Walsh over the weekend in Boise, and I have a copy of the proposal. I have a little more information on the idea, what others think about it, and what may happen next:

What’s in the proposal?

The presentation, titled Control What You Can Control: An opportunity to create a stable feature for college athletics in the West, calls for a 24-school league that would be split into three different leagues of eight.

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