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Fox now owns even more of BTN. Here's what we know:

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Close followers of the business of college sports know that the Big Ten is about to secure a Big Payday. The league is in the process of negotiating new TV contracts, and industry projections anticipate the league’s distributions could grow to close to $100 million, per school, per year, by the end of the decade.

But that isn’t the only payday for Big Ten institutions.

Tucked away in Fox’s annual report from 2021 was a note that the network had increased “its ownership interest” in the Big Ten Network to approximately 61%. Sources at both Big Ten institutions and Fox confirmed to Extra Points that the Big Ten presidents and chancellors exercised a put clause in year four of a five-year time frame that was part of their original contract with Fox and allowed the league to sell part of its interest back to their network partner.

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