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Clearing up some misconceptions about EA Sports College Football 25

Why isn't EA sharing more information? Isn't this a Madden reskin? And more:

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

I’ll be honest with all of you. I’ve had better Monday evenings.

Not only did I have to watch the Michigan Wolverines steamroll their way to a national title, but I had to deal with a ton of people with Twitter usernames like FirstName352369420 screaming at me all night because EA Sports didn’t provide any official updates about EA Sports College Football 25.

Many fans are disappointed right now, as they expected a much more substantial official update from EA Sports about the progress of the game. A report from 247Sports last week stated that EA Sports “was expected” to release new information about the game on Monday, and rumors on social media and YouTube raised expectations that the new information would include gameplay trailers, an official release date, and other specifics. 

Here’s what I was told leading up to last night.

When I reached out to a few different people at EA back in November and December for my last update, I asked if there was a possibility that EA could share more official communication at the National Title Game. I was told that it was “possible”, but every person I spoke to, even on deep background, declined to go into more detail than that. 

I was interviewed on a few YouTube channels in November and December, and in those conversations, I said that I believed EA would share something around the National Championship Game, but stressed that expectations should be very low. I figured the odds were pretty good that EA would at least update their @EASPORTSCollege Twitter account.

Following the 247Sports story, which was hilariously overhyped by social accounts that had nothing to do with 247Sports, I began to hear EA personnel distance themselves from the reporting, telling other reporters to not expect any announcements. On Twitter, I also reiterated that I was not able to confirm any of 247’s reporting, and that I believed fan expectations should be low.

But even low expectations were unmet. As of 11:25 PM CT, nothing had been tweeted or shared from any EA Sports social media account. If you want to scream at me because I expected a banal platitude tweet and those expectations were unmet…fine. Yell away if it makes you feel better.

If you want to scream at me because you were expecting a release date announcement or gameplay trailer or a commercial…you’re yelling at the wrong guy.

Why is EA playing this so close to the vest? Does this mean the development of the game is in jeopardy or something?

Let’s start with the release date real quick.

While the exact date has not yet been released, multiple school officials have told me that EA has communicated to them a desire to release the game in July of this year. Historically, EA has published their college football video games in July.

That means that we’re around six months away from being able to download the game…but EA has said precious little about the project. While some developers and communications personnel have confirmed a few details with me and other reporters, the bulk of the known information about the game’s development has come from Open Records Requests and school-based communications.

Do I believe this is a cause for concern?


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