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What are the chances the NCAA basketball tournament changes...a lot?

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

There's a story that's been stuck on my To-Do list for months, one that keeps getting pushed back a week whenever we lurch from one crisis to another, from some massive media story to realignment to NIL to what have you. Even now, the NCAA just announced significant changes to the infractions process (RIP IARP, we hardly knew thee), and the Big 12 current is or isn't negotiating with ESPN about a new media rights deal. The College Football Playoff might expand early. Trying to keep any semblance of a publishing schedule around here is impossible, because there's always something.

But there's another potential massive change out there, one that's easy to slide under the radar a bit as we get into football season...but every once in a while, I'd see a quote, see an interview, and throw it into the ol' Clips folder for later.

I think there's a real chance we could see big changes to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

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