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Conference Carolinas has THREE divisions now. Here's why:

Why a D-II league is trying an entirely new way to schedule games

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Whether I’m talking to a conference commissioner in the P5 or D-III, the results are the same…I regularly hear that building conference schedules are one of the hardest things conferences must do. Building conference slates increasingly looks like an LSAT Logic Problem From Hell, as leagues try to minimize travel and costs, build rivalries, ensure competitive balance, placate media partners, and put their teams in the best position for the postseason.

As leagues across the NCAA balloon in size, one common strategy is to switch to divisional play. Teams play everybody in their division, a few teams outside of the division, and the division champs meet in a championship event.

But Conference Carolinas, a D-II league spanning the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia, is going to roll out a unique twist on the division format.

They’re going to go with three divisions.

Here’s why. And uh, how:

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