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What I think, and what I know, about Kennesaw State, Conference USA, and additional realignment

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

We're still in waiting period regarding any realignment moves the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12 may or may not make. I've written several dispatches on how the realignment train is still moving along at the low-major and D-II level. Now, there may be some changes happening at the FBS level.

On Friday afternoon, ESPN's Pete Thamel shared the following report:

Kennesaw State's athletic department did not respond to my request for comment on the report by press time. A Conference USA spokesperson declined to confirm either, only telling Extra Points that Kennesaw State is a "school of interest" for the league's expansion efforts.

However, I can confirm that there is mutual interest between Kennesaw State and Conference USA, and has been for some time. I can't confirm, as of Monday night, that this is absolutely happening, but boy howdy is there a lot of smoke.

Tomorrow, during the October Board Meeting of the University of Georgia system, the board's Committee On Intercollegiate Athletics will "review a request from Kennesaw State University to enter into a new agreement in its athletic conference affiliation." No additional agenda items are listed under this committee. The group will meet at 11:00 AM, Eastern Time.

For what it's worth, earlier this summer, when I was first hearing about mutual interest between Kennesaw State and CUSA, multiple industry sources told me that they believed the Georgia Board of Regents would be unlikely to approve a Kennesaw reclassification effort....but somehow, it would appear this has changed.

Here's everything else I know, along with some things that I think, about the Owls potentially joining Conference USA and what may happen next:

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