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  • EA Sports is sending out player NIL contracts today. Here's what I know:

EA Sports is sending out player NIL contracts today. Here's what I know:

Who is in the game, what's in the contract, the latest on FCS, and more:

Good morning, and thanks for spending part of your day with Extra Points.

When you fire up a copy of any EA Sports football video game, one of the first things you hear is the iconic “it’s in the game.”

Today, we finally have more information on exactly how the company plans to include thousands and thousands of current college football players in their upcoming release of EA Sports College Football 25.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge of EA’s plans tell Extra Points that starting today, the company will send proposed NIL contracts to over 11,000 FBS football players to pay them for their participation in the video game.

EA believes that this contract will be one of the largest, if not the largest, NIL brand activations in history, with over 6 million dollars committed to pay for athlete likenesses.

Sources familiar with the proposed contract tell Extra Points that the base contract will pay athletes $600 for usage of their digital name, image and likeness in the video game, along with a copy of EA Sports College Football 25 on a system of their choosing. This contract offer will be sent to all 85 scholarship football players on all 134 FBS programs for next season.

In addition to the base contract offer, EA will also offer additional ambassador contracts to a select number of college football players, who will be paid to promote the video game on social media.

Athletes will be able to opt into the contract via the Compass app, just like they do for other group license opportunities.

More information about the contract, as well as FBS and FCS participation in the video game project, after the jump:

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