Welcome to Extra Points 3.0

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Welcome to Extra Points 3.0, now on Ghost.

Thanks everybody for your patience during this transition, and for your continued patience over the next few days, while I work out some of the kinks and bugs that invariably pop up whenever you do a significant technical transformation.

I just wanted to send a quick email today to 1) make sure I'm actually sending these emails correctly, 2) let you know about new Extra Points features that are ready right now, and 3) let you know what Extra Points features are coming soon.

Let's assume that the fact that you're reading this email means that yes, the email delivery actually worked.

Here are some new features you can take advantage of today!

I have so many contracts, reports and various other PDFs sitting in my inbox and across various hard drives right now, and I want to make them easy for everybody to access. After all, these are public records! My hope is that putting them up for the public will make future blogging and reporting easier and more accurate.

I'm going to add documents to this list every day, but already, there are about two dozen itemized budgets uploaded already, along with several school apparel contracts. If you have a document you'd like me to include, send it to [email protected].

I sell t-shirts and stickers, and depending on audience interest, could sell other products as well. Now, instead of having to dig through old Extra Points newsletters to find those links, they're right there on the page.

There's also a link to book me for consulting gigs, or to buy ads in future Extra Points newsletters or podcasts.

You can now listen to the Podcast directly in the browser

Now you don't need to click out to Apple or Captivate or anywhere else. You should be able to press play and enjoy Going For Two directly.

Here's what is coming in the very near future

We'll have another referral program with new rewards!

This was one of the biggest reasons I switched away from Substack, since the system I was using before wasn't easily integrated with the newsletter, and was a clunky (and expensive) experience. Within the next two weeks, I hope to have a new program to reward readers for sharing Extra Points with their friends. The most commonly requested award? The ability to pick out a future newsletter topic. I'm going to make that reward much more obtainable.

We'll have a free audio version of each podcast!

I'm still working on the kinks on this tool, but I've had some positive tests of a service that has an AI read each newsletter, so you can listen to it, instead of reading it, making Extra Points a little more accessible. I hope to have a proof of concept ready in the coming weeks, if not sooner.

Something else you want? Let me know!

If there's something you're not getting out of Extra Points, or want to see out of Extra Points 3.0, drop me a line at [email protected].

Thanks again, everybody. I'm excited to continue this journey with all of you.

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