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GUEST POST: Forget realignment. Let's talk college table tennis drama

Why yes, college table tennis IS a thing. Here's why, and how:

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

I’m still here trying to nail down a few more updates on another conference realignment story, a big-picture NIL story, and the potential intersection of institutional investors and college sports. You know…real light reading.

But I suspect that after the last few days, all of you could use a little palate cleanser, right? A bit of pickled ginger to wash out the taste of missive after missive on existential crisis in college sports?

Great. Today, I’d like to turn the time over to Friend of the Program Johnathan McGinty. McGinty is the co-founder of Trestle Collective, a storytelling shop based in Athens, Ga. that serves clients and also creates original stories at Beyond The Trestle.

He’d like to tell you about a world that I honestly had no idea existed. Let’s talk about collegiate table tennis.

Shifting alliances. Leagues folding. Public airing of grievances.

Is this another story about conference realignment? Sorry, but no. What this happens to be is a look at the weird world of collegiate table tennis.

Yes, table tennis.

More than 150 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico are part of the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA), a non-profit focused on promoting competitive table tennis and hosting its annual national championships. If you’re a school looking to start or grow a table tennis program, NCTTA has the resources and expertise to make it happen.

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