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So what happens next for Washington State and Oregon State?

And why there aren't as many options as you might think

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The Pac-12 as we know it is dead and gone, but as of right this second, the league hasn’t formally expired. Stanford, Cal, Washington State and Oregon State are still trying to figure out their next conference home…and their decisions could impact the ACC, AAC, MWC, and several other mid-major conferences.

Stanford, thanks to its massive brand, elite academics, and Olympic sports domination, has more options and more control over its circumstances than the other three schools.

Over the last week, there have been several will-they/won’t-they stories about Cal and Stanford potentially joining the ACC. When these conversations originally started, multiple people with direct knowledge of those talks described them to me as “just doing due diligence”, but it appeared that those talks advanced to something more serious as time went on.

As of this writing, Stanford and Cal don’t have ACC invites, despite the lobbying efforts of Condoleezza Rice. Maybe that changes, maybe not.

I want to focus more on what happens next for Washington State and Oregon State. Earlier this week, Washington State University president Kirk Schulz said that the school essentially has three options. They could join the MWC, join the AAC, or rebuild the Pac-4.

Of these three options, I think the AAC is actually the least likely

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