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  • Has legalized betting led to more hurtful social media actions? Some admins think so.

Has legalized betting led to more hurtful social media actions? Some admins think so.

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On Tuesday night, the Dayton Flyers beat Davidson, 68-61. It was a nice win for Dayton, who at 5-1 now sits near the top of the A-10. You'd think that the mood in a postgame press conference would be fairly upbeat and positive.

But Dayton men's basketball head coach wasn't thrilled...and it had little to do with what was happening on the court. Via OH Bets:

“There’s some laws that have recently been enacted, that to me, it could really change the landscape of what college sports is all about,” Grant said. “And when we have people that make it about themselves and attack kids because of their own agenda, it sickens me.”

Grant took an emotional pause before continuing.

“They have families,” Grant said. “They don’t deserve that. Mental health is real.”

While Grant didn’t directly say that his players were being criticized by gamblers, Dayton Athletic Director Neil Sullivan confirmed with the Dayton Daily Newsthat players recently dealt with online hate from angry bettors. That explains Grant’s comment about recent laws, as legal sports betting went live in Ohio on Jan. 1, giving Ohioans access to more than 15 mobile sportsbooks.

Grant wasn't the only mid-major administrator to express frustration.

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