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Hello! Would you like some Extra Points stickers?

Good afternoon!

Forgive me for the rare second email (don’t worry, this won’t count as one of the four newsletters this week), but I wanted to get this info out quickly, before I hit the road.

We now have stickers!

I just got our first shipment of stickers. They’re 2x2 circles. One with our adorable FOIA SAXA bulldog, and the other with a vintage-baseball cap lookin’ alternate logo. What kind of college athletics anything would we be without alternate logos?

They look like this. In my humble opinion, they would look very handsome on a laptop, a water bottle, an office, or any other place folks are putting stickers these days.

Hello! Would you like some Extra Points stickers?

These stickers will go on sale later next week. But here’s how you could get some stickers early!

You could subscribe to Extra Points!

If you sign up for a paid Extra Points subscription this week, from the start of the day today through the end of the day on Friday, I’ll mail you both stickers, absolutely free. Once the paid subscription confirmation comes through my email, I’ll reach out for your address. These stickers will be mailed out on Friday, when I return from my trip.

You can subscribe to Extra Points right here. A subscription gets you four newsletters a week, and runs for $7/mo, or $70 for the whole dang year. Either option gets you stickers.

So if you’re considering upgrading to a paid subscription, this week would be a great time, in my humble opinion.

Everybody else, stay tuned! We’ll have them up for everybody soon.

Thanks everyone! I’m going to continue to look at other merchandise options, and hope to have other announcements shortly.

Thanks again for your continued support of Extra Points. Questions, comments, angry missives, leaked contracts and more can be sent to [email protected], or to @MattBrownEP on Twitter.

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