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Here's how conference expansion could impact college basketball scheduling

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

Andy's got the keys today, and he has some FOIA fun to share with you.

We recently examined what the future of college football might look like, as we explored potential domino effects of Oklahoma and Texas' impending moves to the SEC and whether the ripple effects could eventually lead to a super conference or the college football version of the Champions League.

A more immediate question, however, is, how will the SEC adjust its scheduling as it prepares to become a 16-member conference?

Thanks to a public records request, we might have some answers

With the help of the data and research firm Navigate, the SEC is considering at least eight regular-season women's basketball scheduling formats for the future, with the potential of 15, 16 or 18-game conference schedules. The slide deck obtained by Extra Points noted that in the 15-game, round-robin scheduling model, a 16th game could potentially be added for each school as a "flex/conference challenge."

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