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Here's how Kansas football will play in TWO home stadiums next year

Renovations to David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium will force the Jayhawks to play home games elsewhere

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The 2024 Kansas Jayhawks are going to have a challenging 2024 football schedule.

That’s not just because of the teams on the field. Kansas does have two potentially tough games out of conference (a road trip to Illinois, and a home date against a UNLV team that won nine games), and they face Big 12 newcomers Arizona State and Colorado during the regular season, to go with the rest of their Big 12 gauntlet.

So that’s tough. But Kansas also won’t get to play their home games at home.

David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, the home of Jayhawk Football, is in the middle of a massive renovation plan. Once completed, not only will fans have improved seating options, but the stadium will sit in a new entertainment district that will also include a hotel and conference center.

That could all be very cool, but as you can see, the stadium doesn’t look ready to host actual football games any time soon. Kansas plans to welcome Jayhawk football back to the stadium for the 2025 season.

So this year, Kansas will play two home games at Children’s Mercy Park, home of Sporting Kansas City of the MLS, and four home games at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

This unconventional situation presents both some significant challenges for Kansas…and an uncommon opportunity.

So what happens when you suddenly have to move your home games somewhere else?

It means, according to Jason Booker, Deputy AD for External Affairs and Revenue Generation at Kansas, that you have to think about plenty of things that you might normally take for granted.

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