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  • Here's what mid-majors are doing with NIL and collectives:

Here's what mid-majors are doing with NIL and collectives:

Good morning, and thanks for your continued support of Extra Points.

This newsletter has spent a lot of time and energy writing about what NIL looks like for big brands. After all, if there is a bagman waiting to convince a five-star recruit to go to Southern Utah or Towson, well, they've been awfully quiet. It's the big athletic departments that led the way with most NIL software companies, most NIL exchanges, and in the collective space.

I know many of you are a little tired of that coverage, but it still is easily one of the largest off-the-field stories in college sports this summer, so I'll still continue to monitor it.

But one of the core tenants of Extra Points is that even though Ohio State is super interesting, well, there are a whole lot more schools that are "not Ohio State."

So what are the G5s doing? The FCS schools? The 1-AAA programs?

Earlier this week, a smart story out of The Athletic checked in on what the collective space looks like at the G5 level:

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