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Inside Wyoming Wrestling's Battle In The Barn

Wyoming's wrestling team wrestled in a barn. UFC put in TV and everything.

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We’re in the golden age of sporting events played in unique locations. We’ve seen college volleyball in a football stadium. We’ve seen college basketball in a football stadium too. Sometimes college hockey is played outside. There have been even some basketball games played on boatseven if that wasn’t really a very good idea.

But last month, Wyoming wrestling did something we haven’t seen yet. They hosted a college wrestling dual meet…in a barn.

No, seriously. On November 17, Wyoming hosted the Campbell Camels in the “Battle In The Barn”, an event held at the Deerwood Ranch Wild Horse EcoSanctuary, about 30 miles west of Wyoming’s campus. Campbell won, 23-12.

Via Wyoming Athletics

Unlike most of Wyoming’s other matches, this event was specifically broadcast by UFC Fight Pass.

Why did Wyoming do this? How did it happen? And how do you convert a barn that is normally used for stuff like weddings into a facility capable of hosting a D-I wrestling event?

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